• Emilee Struss

What Does a Story Do For You?

We're new around here; however, our experience and passion for the outdoor game is not. We are storytellers of epic situations, near-misses, and "you should've been there" moments.

At Outtabounds Design, that is the story.

Our goal is to work exclusively for companies/magazines that are passionate about their day jobs.

Why? Because they love what they do.

Behind every story is an off-their-rocker adventurer and behind every off-their-rocker adventurer is some solid, built to last, gear.

Companies that knit their users into the storyline, if you haven't noticed, are the successful ones. Brand voice is what keeps customers coming back - they like what they found, they desire consistency, and when they return, they are going to get the same quality treatment as they did the first time they showed up in your space.

Check out my friends over at Merrell - they are a great example of expanding customer experience.

Boom. First page. is offering a greater customer experience by:

1. Showing off the gear.

2. Showing off what the gear can do.

3. Inspiring you to get after the trail, with their amazing-awesome-sauce gear.

Simple, isn't it? Well, quite frankly my dear, it is not. makes it look flawless up front but you know they've got a crew working pretty dang hard in the background to make this brand all that it is. And that's what it takes - Specific brand voice and a large, happy hive of worker bees.

My name is Emilee Mae, my game is the outdoor playground and my job is write for companies that are passionate about their gear, customer experience and are giddy to share about all of it.

If you'd like to learn more about brand voice, how to improve your customer experience and website traffic, let's connect.